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ACME Omnipresent Interstellar Corporate Conglomeration

ACME Jupiter is the surprise colony we never expected, which to be fair, the local fauna didn't either and they are pissed.

Our restocking ship The Royal Universe Destroyer miscalculated it's trajectory to the Plutonian Empire by following the advice of a Garmin GPS and smacked face first into the side of Jupiter. Once the survivors commenced the dome deployment, the brave souls discovered the local wildlife to be somewhat, miserable, and the wildlife found them somewhat easy to get rid of.

Our pristine habitat is now available for tourism and colonisation, see the exciting views, the volatile weather, get killed by new and exciting creatures ! Jupiter has it all (but you might need to clean up the mess left from the previous occupants) !

Why wait for somebody else to take this glorious opportunity to see the stars, contact ACME Star Travel to book your tickets today !

Flight Commander and Unintentional Martyr.

Håkon Dyngeland (deceased)
ACME OICC Jupiter Outpost
4227 West Side Avenue

ACME Switchboard 24/7 - +44 (0)28 9244 8977

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